Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jesus the Son

I had one of my favorite lessons this week. I was on exchanges with an English elder, and the investigator, Israel, has a motto- Jesus the Son. He says it almost every other sentence and writes it in every page of the Book of Mormon that we had him read.....also we read this super deep scripture about repentance, and right after he looks at us real serious and says, "You guys want some ice cream?" HAHAHA People blow my mind.

This week was pretty chill. Transfers are tomorrow, and the news is in.....Elder Clair is out and Elder Reyes and I are both staying! This transfer has sure been a crazy one for sure, but I'm sure the Lord has some more craziness coming at us this next transfer. Since we had a pretty chill week, I'm going to use some questions from my dad as my blog entry this week.

1. How active is your branch? Pretty Active! Probably about 3/4ths of the members that still technically live in our area come. They are all pretty strong members too, all about missionary work. I have no idea why this branch doesn't see some success, but I'm so ready to help change that.

2. What is your regular attendance? Well......when Sacrament meeting started we had 26 people......but luckily by the time the Sacrament actually started there were about 50....Mexican Mormon Standard Time for you right there.

3. How many chances did you have to teach this week? We teach about 10-15 lessons a week to investigators! We are hoping to bump that up soon!

4. What are you doing when you are not teaching since you do not track? Well my whole mission I have been told that we can not.......then this past week I was informed that we could. I don't know how that will affect my work in the future, but let's just say we've been walking a lot and trying to visit some former investigators that haven't been visited in a while.

5. How many people in your teaching pool? 14 people! We love them so much! About 7 of them have HUGE potential to be baptized literally any's all up to them :) 

6.Do you work with a lot of less actives? Yep! Missionaries have been asked to help reactivate members of the church that have lost their way! Most of them are always nice to us ;)

7.How goes driving in CA? Honestly I think I'm the craziest one on the roads.......haha

8. Do you have any fun plans for today? No because it's transfer p-day. Elder Clair will be packing a lot, and we might play some sports at the stake center!  

9. Are you getting fed by members or are you becoming a gourmet cook?  Kind of both. The members are always throwing food at us, which has been lovely. But I've been enjoying my adventure in cooking for myself too. It's kind of a perfect balance :)

I love you all so much! Keep on staying warm in Ohio! 

Elder Dahl

 1. One of my friends, Elder Marin, sent me an Okapi stuffed animal from the zoo! Ignore me though cause I look weird. That's Elder Reyes' thingamajig in the background.
 2. Elder Reyes is so excited to stay with me :)
3. Elder Clair is heading out! We will miss you Elder Clair!