Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Opposition in All Things

Wow what a crazy week this has been! I have a strong testimony of opposition in all things. In order to know the good we need to know the bad, but wow the bad took a cheap shot this week. The Sanchez family (investigator family, single father with three awesome children) couldn't come to church this last week because the grandmother stole them away to Mexicali until next week! Oh that lady is simply not nice at all! This family needs some Cindy Dahl prayers right now.

Armida and her family are doing awesome! We had a Family Home Evening with the Zinn family, who is an awesome couple in our ward. It was so fun and the girls really liked it. They are doing great and are totally getting baptized on December 15!

Fun fact, the Spanish group always provides food after sacrament meeting. Last week we had mole (it's like chocolate, Hispanic chicken) and it was delicious!

Last week a member family in the ward invited their sister-in-law to come over for dinner and also talk to us. Her name is Iris and she is wonderful. She was filled with questions, and the Hernandez family did an amazing job at explaining her answers and it was awesome! Her husband died a few months ago, so we talked about temples and the Spirit was so strong. She is super interested and we are so excited for her!

Life here in El Centro has been pretty chill for the most part! We are super busy everyday and it has been a blast being here. I hope I never get transferred!

I love you all!

Elder Dahl

1. Bunk bed selfie fun!
2. I love all three of my companions!
3. Too much fun.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We are on Fire!


This week was so much fun. Armida and her family are still doing great, and she made us enchiladas on Saturday so that means they are doing extra well! We love them so much!

Please pray for Miguel and his family! His grandfather died last Friday and we have not been able to see him since. They weren't able to come to church, although they did let us know, which was nice. They are so special and we hope we get to see them soon. 

Transfers last week were super awesome. Do you all remember that kid named Elder Welch who trained me? Well he has two transfers left on his mission and he just got transferred to Calexico and he is in my district! WOOHOO!!!! Round 3 here we go! I am so ecstatic that he is back!

Yesterday we destroyed this rock formation in the background in one of the backyard's of a part-member family. It was awesome and we hammered that thing hard!

That's all for this week! I love you all mucho!

Elder Dahl

1. This one's for you Mom! Just imagine that I'm not at a funeral and that this is all for you!

 2. Just invited to a party with a surprise Mariachi band! Sister Clawson, another missionary, is in the background with the best face ever. I still can't tell if she's disappointed or impressed :)

3. Just the Elders that I live with and I having a good time!

4. We are having a Biggest Loser and a "Who can spend the less this month" competition. I'm so going to win this. haha One taco Elder Dahl? I crack myself up.

5. Elder Rodriguez hurt himself and Elder Aguirre had to carry him for a bit. No worries, he was fine by the next day.

 6. Safe and sound in bed.
7. Elder Hampton is pretending to be a caterpillar again. Silly Elder Hampton, everyone knows that missionaries don't turn into butterflies.
 8. Elders gone transformers. Robots in disguise as missionaries!

 10. This cat at the Rolfe's pool house just about kills me. That's the biggest bed I've ever seen!
 11. We did some service where we destroyed this huge rock formation with some sledgehammers! It was too much fun!
 12. I swear this picture makes me look like a pansy, but I was really tearing it up.
13. We go to extreme measures to give our investigators nice furniture. The Mama Ship was stuffed full!
 14. It wouldn't be a true Hispanic house without something like this inside.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Curse has Been Lifted

Transfer calls were today and I'm proud to report that the curse has been lifted! Elder Rodriguez and I are both staying together for a third transfer together, which is the first time that has ever happened! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!  We are so excited!

We have had some awesome miracles this past week! We had a family home evening last night with an awesome family that we have been teaching, and we had some amazing member teach the lesson on baptism, and the family we were teaching decided to be baptized on December 15! They are so awesome and Elder Rodriguez and I love them so much. (In this family there is a Mom named Armida, and three daughters- Cassie (13), Ivory (10), and Sophie (7))

Speaking of baptismal dates, there is another family that agreed to be baptized on December 5th! (In this family there is a Dad named Miguel, and three kids- Angie (12), Ivan (11), and Sarah (9)) Both of these families are so near and dear to our hearts! My life has been absolutely and completely changed because of the incredible Spirit I have felt here these past few weeks in El Centro. Miracles are real and the Book of Mormon is true.

We had a super cool open house this past week where we had a devotional filled with mostly music and videos, and then people could eat homemade desserts and stuff as they toured the gym of the church and could look at different booths with activities and information about the church. The movie Meet the Mormons was also playing separately in other rooms. The activity was a huge success, and the chapel in our stake center was FILLED! It was awesome! 

The next big news was that we had cleaning inspections this past week. Mom, you are going to be so proud of me because we won! You taught me well! You too Dad! I'll try to send pictures if I have any.

I love you all so much! Have an incredible week!

Elder Dah

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Burgers and Beer

Yeah you read the title right. Somehow or another we have eaten at this awesome restaurant three times during these past two weeks. Between people giving us gift cards and members paying for us that happened to be there at the same time, Burgers and Beer seems to be the most popular place for the Mormon Missionaries. We also by happenstance ran into the Hermanas at Golden Corral. We had a gift card from a member, the Hermanas on the other hand........the chocolate fondue fountain can get to the best of us. :)

The next fun news of the day is that Elder Hampton, one of my apartment companions, cut my hair and wow is it crazy! Let me know what you think world because I'm still uncertain....

We are so busy here in El Centro! We are teaching a few families that have been coming to church, and a bunch of part-member families. Our goal is to help 10 people be baptized before the end of the year! Say a pray for us!

Next fun story. While we were studying last week we had knock on the door by none other than the El Centro police department! The officer asked if we were victims of a bike robbery, to which we responded with an awkward "not that we know of." Well Elder Aguirre had bought a new bike the night before, so he left his old bike outside on our balcony. Luckily we have nice neighbors who tried to catch him in the act, and the cop was already on his case after twenty minutes. The bike is still gone, but we found the whole thing absolutely hilarious. I probably shouldn't have written this down, no worries Mom we won't get robbed ahead!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary of the Lord! It is the best decision that I've ever made, and it has been eternity changing. Prayer is real! Counsel with the Lord! He will always be there for you, so make you are there for Him!

Elder Dahl
 P-day photo shoot!

 1. Elder Rodriguez is going to be a model for cell phones. I know it!

 2. My green shake was left in the fridge overnight......halloween magic!