Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Three for One Deal

I am not going to lie- this week was exhausting! But it was exhausting in the best way possible! All three of the baptisms went through and it was AMAZING!!!!! On Tuesday we had Armi and Ivory's baptism, which was super Spirit-packed and absolutely beautiful. It was such a special day for them, and we had a packed house in our primary room! I will never forget that day! One of the coolest parts was after the service when Armi was testifying to an investigator of the other elders about how this message was true :)

Then on Saturday we had Iris' baptism in Spanish. She bore her testimony at the end, and wow she has such a powerful testimony. She was truly prepared by the Lord to accept this message, and we hope to help her go to the temple soon!

My new companion is Elder Laws! He is from Loveland, Colorado and he has been on his mission for about a year now! He is a great missionary and it has been a fun, packed week for him. We haven't had a normal day so far, and with Christmas this week it doesn't look like we'll have one anytime soon! Elder Laws is a basketball champ and he also played baseball. HE'S TALLER THAN ME! That is the first time for my whole mission, and will definitely take some getting use to. We have already had a lot of fun, and it is going to just keep on being great! Fun fact he swallowed a quarter when he was 10.

Today the Rolfes invited all of the missionaries over for lunch and to squeeze oranges! We also had a meeting with our stake president and President Schmitt today, so we invited President Schmitt too! We had a really fun time and got some great pictures!

Miguel is doing well and so are his kids! There are a lot of other people in the woodwork that we are working with, and we can't wait to help them all come unto Christ and help the Church grow here in the great Imperial Valley! I love this place!

Have fun this year! Serve others! Carol at the top of your lungs! Have a blast no matter what! It's Christmas! Make it the best day of the year! I love you all!

Elder Dahl

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Slipped My Mind

.....Dear World,

Somehow....someway.....writing this blog email slipped my mind.....and I forgot. This is pathetic....my mom's going to kill me. I promise next week is going to be super good. Pray for the Sanchez family, the Valdovino Family, Iris, and the Alvarado family. I'll explain everything next week. I love you all!

Elder Dahl

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Wow was this Thanksgiving a crazy one! We only had one dinner scheduled forever, but that all changed the night before when we got invited to two more with people that we just couldn't say no to! It was nuts! Also, did I tell you all that I was back on the "no desserts" fast again? Well one of our investigators is giving up alcohol so that he can be baptized, so I joined on in like I always do. But this happened the Monday before Thanksgiving! The temptation was so real, but I stayed strong, and I only ate three plates total within a four hour span......we barely made it out of there alive.

   I went on exchanges down in Calexico with Elder Schipman and Elder Welch. For those of you who don't remember, Elder Welch was my trainer, and Elder Schipman has been in my zone for the past eight or so months, and so I call him my part-time companion because we have gone on so many exchanges! We had a blast and we saw a lot of miracles, including a baptism for the Calexico Hermanas!

   Yesterday we had MTEs (Missionary Training Exchanges/Experience) and Elder Schipman came with me in my area! We had training in the morning and then we went out to work! Oh fun fact, I was also joined by a personal close friend of mine, none other than President Schmitt, my mission president! He was with us until 5, and man did I take advantage of that! We had lessons with Armida and the Sanchez families, and he was able to testify and teach and it was awesome! I love that man! Our lessons were awesome and we also had members there with us. We have the best members in the world! Armida came and a lesson at the Rolfe's house (the Rolfes also gave all of the missionaries lunch after the training- they are so awesome), and then Brother and Sister Ball came to visit the Sanchez's with us (I love the Ball family way too much- they are amazing). IT WAS SO AWESOME!

   Then one of the biggest miracles I've ever seen happened. After President had left, we went to go a house to drop an investigator who wasn't progressing. The lady wasn't home, but her son, Jesse (whom we had contacted before), answered the door. Without really thinking I blurted out, "Can we show you a two minute Christmas video?" (Fun fact, I hadn't even seen the video yet, A Savior is Born, and I was not planning on teaching him at all when I knocked on the door) After entering the apartment and watching the video, we asked how he felt. After a few moments of silence he began to cry. Long story short, he has been on the wrong path for a little while, and he fell into his old drug habits again after being clean for a little while. We testified of the Spirit, and that he could feel it with him forever, and he said that this was his answer. The Spirit was so strong in that room, and all of us were touched by the hand of the Lord. He committed to come to church this week and we are very excited to teach him and help him. That question of if we could show him the Christmas video was not mine, but it was truly sent from heaven. 

I love you all so much. Don't stop being the best you can be! Make sure you give everything you have everyday! The Lord will bless you as you exercise your faith and trust in Him! I PROMISE that is true!

Elder Dahl

1. The El Centro missionaries helped prep Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving morning! It was so awesome and fun!
2. Ok I've got my plate ready!
3. Yeah no worries Mom, I didn't go hungry.
4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Calexico is my favorite place ever. haha