Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bed Bugs!

Well I think the title says it all! For about a week and a half I have been waking up with little bite marks all over, and long story short I have bed bugs! Let's just say it's been an adventure, and our schedule has been thrown out of whack because of it. No worries though, we have already taken care of it, so hopefully next week I will stop looking like I've been hit with a lumpy plague or something.

We just started teaching a woman named Nadia who has been coming to church for about 4 years, but has not been baptized (honestly I thought she was a member this whole time). So far it's been easy because she basically knows everything! We've given her different pamphlets and stuff to read before each lesson, and she treats it like a test, which has been funny because she always comes in saying, "Brothers, I'm so sorry I don't have it all memorized, but I'm trying, trying, always memorizing, wanna be baptized." Literally just like that :) Watch out for March 7!

Patricio and Armando are doing bad and good (respectively). Patricio was drinking some wine right in front of us last time and we were like......what the what are you doing you gave up coffee your life-long addiction and here you are drinking this? But then Armando grabbed the bottle, dumped it down the drain, and apologized to us....we'll take it!

Sorry for all of you Ohio folk! It's about as sunny as it could be here, and the temperature is....well somewhat perfect....I'm going to be the biggest wimp ever when I get back.

Not much has happened......literally bed bugs were our week. Did I mention that I was the only one that was getting bitten? Glorious times in La Mesa, CA. 

Well I love you all a heap! I promise next week will have something way better, maybe an action-packed adventure, or a high-speed road chase, or maybe just no bed bugs :)

Elder Dahl

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I can't believe I've only been here for a month! It seems like an eternity (in a good way of course)! Our trio is going SO well. Those two are the biggest goofballs ever, so it makes everyday just a little bit better. They often refer to me as "Dad" but in reality I'm more like a mother duck making sure her ducklings don't get hit by cars. haha

This past week we had a cool exercise called MTEs.....I think it stands for Missionary Transfer Exchanges.....that's awkward I don't know. Basically we have a cool training meeting where a bunch of different zones get together, and then we are all assigned new companions for the rest of the day, and then we all exchange back the next day and talk about what miracles we saw. I got to leave my area and go to El Cajon for the day with Elder Yazzie (he was in the CCM while I was there!). But the crazy thing was that I was on a bike for the day! WOAH! 2 things I observed:
1) I discovered a new gift of the Spirit- the gift of the bicycle. I haven't ridden a bike in two years, but somehow I was able to weave in and out of the craziness that is known as San Diego.
2) My head is still the size of an obese watermelon- no helmet will ever fit right.

My favorite part of this past week was on Sunday, the very last comment made during the third hour. This past week has not met us with an overwhelming amount of success (lots of appointments fell through and nobody came to church), so I was feeling a little down on myself I guess. Our class was about praying always, but right before we ended a member raised his hand and said, "You know, I just love missionaries. Missionaries are angels sent from God to bring people to the light and the truth." He said some more really nice things, and I just sat there with tears in my eyes thinking, "Angels? I'm not an angel. I'm just Elder Dahl!"

I'm not really sure how to describe what happened next. The Holy Ghost testifies in such a personal way, but let's just say that I LOVE being a missionary. I know the Lord loves me. Angel or not I'm giving it my all and that's all that Heavenly Father wants from me- He will do the rest. Miracles are so real, and I know that He will help me do and say the things I need to! Which is good because I'm pretty sure I left my brain in Ohio :)

I love you! This Gospel is real! It's the ONLY way back to our Heavenly Father, and it's available to EVERYONE! Go be awesome!

Elder Dahl

 1. The Marquez family gave us milkshakes! OREOS!!!!!!

2 +3. I have such fun companions :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Trio Life is a Crazy Life

The subject line says it all! Elder Clair, Elder Reyes, and I are crazy. Literally insane. For the first night I was a little nervous about what was going on, and then the next day I just woke up, looked at my companions and thought, "How awesome is my life!" From that point it's been a wild ride my good friends! :)

So the scoop on Elder Reyes- he was here about a year ago, but had to go home for medical reasons. He was here for about three months, so he is technically out of training. He's not super out-going with people he doesn't know, but he already feels like another brother to me (we're pretty convinced that he is my Mexican half in human form). He's from Colorado and he speaks fluent Spanish, which has been crazy fun. His name is Tomas Ali Reyes if you want to go creep on Facebook. I probably shouldn't be telling you that...... haha

Armando and Patricio are not going to baptized any time soon. Patricio's girlfriend has been negative about it, and Armando wants more time to figure out if this is something that he wants.....ugh. You know that feeling where you just break everything you touch? I'm feeling that pretty hard right. I also just got an email from my old companion Elder Welch that the Tezo family (the one that I love with all my heart and soul) are going through some problems and have asked the missionaries not to come by for awhile......

I have a firm testimony of challenges. Without them we don't grow. I think I've had a pretty easy life so far, but let's just say that God wants me to grow FAST! Satan wants us to think that we aren't worth it-that we are drowning in this sea of life with nobody to care and nowhere to turn to. And sometimes he can be pretty convincing. I think of Peter sinking beneath the water, and the Savior reaching down to grab him- He is the only one that can pull us completely out and allow us to walk on this sea. But you want to know something weird? I feel as though I can't fully apply this to myself! Because I have all of you! I have family in lifeboats nearby looking for me, I have friends right beside me helping to keep me afloat, I've got scriptures and modern-day prophets teaching me how to swim. I feel your prayers! You all have a part in this work here in San Diego! This metaphor was weird and didn't emphasize the role of the Savior in this story, but that's what I've been feeling today....so yeah thanks.

I love being a missionary! I think cars are dumb and I'm an avid fan of trying to be the first scooter elders in San Diego! This gospel is real folks! I'm always out of time before I really get to tell you all anything, but know that I love you and I LOVE the Lord and I LOVE my life here!

Elder Dahl

1. The three Amigos!

 2. Yes Elder Reyes got his head stuck....yes I had to take a picture instead of help!
 3. I saw Jesse Ortiz at a baptism last week and he bought me a bag and gave it to me! I love that family!

4. There's a trolley near my house.....I love/hate/miss trolleys.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

6 months?

Is everyone else aware that my 6 month mark is in three days because I sure wasn't! I was thinking maybe 6 minutes or something! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome older bro Blake and his wife Adriana! They are the best!

We have been BUSY here in La Mesa! Since we cover so much area we are able to spend most of our time teaching, which is way fun. We have two progressing investigators right now- Armando and Patricio. They are so fun and they love learning and LIVING the gospel of Christ. Patricio was way addicted to coffee (like super crazy addicted and is always hyped up on it), but after we explained to him the Word of Wisdom, he looked at us and said, "OK, I choose God." He then took his mug of coffee to the sink and poured it out! Miracles are real people! If you don't believe me.....well I'm sorry but you're wrong.

We are also teaching this man named Israel. He is dating a member of the church (her name is Vanessa Diaz and she is amazing) and all I have to say about him is that I now know why we need "real intent" when we are learning about the Gospel. This man has such a sincere heart, but almost no real intent. We teach him, and he enjoys it, but then nothing. He won't read the Book of Mormon, he won't pray in the right way, and he won't ever get a real answer! Drives me nuts! I think I have the patience of a hungry, pregnant polar bear!

Oh I almost forgot to mention, Elder Clair and I received a phone call form our mission president yesterday. There is a missionary that came out a year ago, but had to go home after one transfer for some reason, and he is now returning to his mission. So in a few hours he will be here.....and joining us! We will be in a trio! His name is Elder Reyes (I've heard he's a native Spanish-speaker), and we will be training him! If I haven't already pleaded for your prayers enough, by all means don't stop them!

I love you all! Miracles are all around us, but you have to open your eyes to them! I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father! And you all having an Elder Dahl that loves you too!

Elder Dahl