Thursday, May 7, 2015

Surprise Baptism

Juan Zamora was baptized!!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!!!! He is so cool! We taught him three times this week just to make sure he was ready, and then he was baptized on Saturday! Bad news is that I was gone on exchanges twice this past week, and only taught him once.....but he's pretty cool so it was fun. Also, I played the piano at his service and the window was open and turning my pages, and then a huge book fell and slammed on the keys in the middle of the opening hymn......brilliant Elder Dahl....brilliant. haha

For one of my exchanges I went to YSA work for the day and even went to institute at SDSU! Crazy fun! My goal is to open the first Spanish YSA branch in the U.S....haha, just kidding.

Flor is doing well. She might be quitting her job so that she can come to church! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME! I can't remember if I mentioned, but she was married in Mexico, but then moved here without divorcing (very common here) and is living with someone here. she is working on her divorce papers because she REALLY wanted to be baptized. Pray for her!

We are teaching a super cool family! Claudia, her three children, Mary (18) , Genesis (14), and Damian (12), and Mary's boyfriend, Cesar (17). Mary and Cesar have a little boy named Jasper who is 6 months old. They were found before I got here, but we hadn't been able to teach them, until this past week when we found them at home. We talked about how the same authority and power that was on the earth when Jesus Christ was here had been restored, and they said that they felt something different when we spoke to them. Then Genesis prayed and felt "amazed- like a burden had been lifted from her chest." And then she asked us when was the soonest that she could be baptized......THIS MESSAGE IS SO TRUE! The Lord is preparing people EVERYWHERE to accept His message!

Other things from this week: We had a seven hour meeting last week, and yesterday we had meetings for a total of ten hours. But they were so awesome! We have learned so much about doing missionary work and really being guides for our brothers and sisters to com enjoy the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a great week! I'm SO excited to talk to my family this Sunday for Mother's Day! I love you all!

Elder Dahl

There are more pictures, but I'm out of time, and I will send more next week!
1) Juan Zamora!!!! He's so great!!!!
2) My Filipino friend, Elder Notarte! He is a new zone leader for the English zone that covers the same area, so together we are totally lost, but a whole lot of fun!