Saturday, April 25, 2015

Logan Heights!

The results are in and I am currently serving in the Logan Heights Branch in San Diego, California! So some cool things about my area:

1) My area goes right up to the San Diego harbor! I can see the ocean everyday! 
2) My companion and I cover Downtown San Diego! WOOP WOOP PARTY!!! Except we never go there because it'd be absolutely pointless. Nobody actually lives there, they just sin there. haha just kidding.....well you can all imagine.
3) Our area is the end of 28th Street all the way to the end of Downtown. It's really small compared to my other areas. EVERYBODY IS MEXICAN!!!!!! It's so fun and I look so out of place- it's the best :)
4) Our branch doesn't meet in a church building. We have church in Logan Elementary...yeah it's weird. During church I can also learn how to count by 10s!
5) Yes the zoo is in my zone and yes you may send me tickets to go to the zone if you so desire to serve the missionaries in the nicest way possible, haha
6) PETCO Park where the Padres play is in our area too....we can't go to baseball games though so definitely don't send tickets for that.

This is going to be so fun! OK now time for my companion! Some cool facts about him are:

1) His name is Elder Ramirez! He was born in Tijuana and moved to San Diego when he was 12, and then to Orem, Utah when he was 15. Yes he is very fluent (oh my heavens I'm devouring that humble pie right now. He helps me out a ton and I love it!) and he loves to work!
2) Don't even try to Facebook stalk him because he never used it.
3) He loves soccer and basketball and matching whatever tie I'm wearing.
4) It's his last transfer in the mission field :(

Other fun facts:

1) I live in a 4 man apartment! We share with Elder Norman (from Utah) and Elder Neilson (from Canada, who just started his mission!), but there's only one bathroom!!!!!!! Luckily the funness outweighs the lack of bathroom....ness.
2) I'm driving again this transfer and my new car is no fun. The brakes are super sensitive and I miss my old car :( And I got a ticket for not turning my wheels on the slightest hill ever......I love Logan, but Logan is not loving me!
3) There are 5 companionships of missionaries in my branch! CRAZY!!! There is so much work here! Also, Elder Welch (one of my trainers) and Elder Clair (my first companion in La Mesa) are in my branch serving with me! SO WEIRD!!!

I have had an amazing first few days! Of course there have been some struggles, but the awesomeness has far exceeded any struggle there has been. I'm ready to get to work here in Logan! Keep on sending those prayers! I love you all so much! God does too! Have a great week!

Elder Dahl
Elder Reyes is the coolest!
 Best Easter bunny ever! Thanks Mom and Dad!
 Elder Ramirez (The new companion)! He's so cool!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfers? So Soon?

You read it right....transfers are tomorrow......I got a phone call last night telling me to pack my bags because I'm leaving! WHAT!? I've only been here for three months! Why am I leaving so soon! Oh right because the Lord wants me to. I almost forgot.

My three short months here have seemed like an eternity and also an instant. I LOVE the La Mesa 3rd branch- they are the definition of member missionary work. They are always trying to help us, and are willing to drop everything to do their part in hastening the Lord's work. I will miss them dearly.

And my investigators! Oh my heart I'm going to miss them so much. Armando came back, Benjamin and Jessica are progressing at an amazing rate, and Cookie came to General Conference (have I ever mentioned Cookie? She's like a grandma here for the two of us. We love her.)! Armando, Benjamin, and Jessica are definitely going to be baptized next transfer, and I'm so sad to be missing it.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways. My work here is done for now, and it's time for me to move on and start chugging away again. The Lord is preparing people to hear this message! When I got here some missionaries told me that this was a dead area- what a bunch of hogwash! We are not alone! We have divine help in this work! Miracles have not ceased!

I'm going to go get to work! You all do the same! I'll let you know where I am next week :)

Elder Dahl
1. NOOOOO Goodbye Elder Reyes!!!!!

2. He's too cool for me anyway.

 3. Look what my branch president gave me! We're twins!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Because He Lives

This is a miracle e-mail! So the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released a new Easter video called Because He Lives. All y'all need to go to right now and watch it because it's like 2 minutes of pure, spiritual awesomeness. Don't believe me? Here's three experiences to prove my point:

1. The very first day the video came out we shared it with a young man named Daniel out walking his dog (fun fact every time someone is walking a dog I always use Beedo, my sister Erica's dog, to stop them and talk to them. Good work Beedo, you're saving souls in San Diego) and we were able to show him the video. He went from being not interested at all, to giving us his information and asking us when was the soonest we could come by.

2. We just started teaching a lady named Ramona. Our first visit she told us that she only wanted to read from the Bible and she didn't want to talk about "that Joseph Smith guy." Long story short during our second visit we were able to watch the video, and her heart just melted. She's now reading 2 Nephi 31 from the Book of Mormon and wants to know if what we said was true.

3. Repeat story #2, but with a 15-year old named Jazmin.

Guess what people!? Miracles are so real, and they are all around us. We just need to be obedient to the commandments and work! Boom plop here we go!

This week we also did service for two different ladies that we know, and oh my heart they fed us just mountains of food. One of them was telling us about different technology and movies that are coming out and I was just thinking, " I've been out of the loop for a long time!" My world basically revolves around scriptures, teaching the Gospel, beans, meat, and tortillas!

I love you all! Thanks for your prayers! You are all amazing! Go share the video and watch the miracles flow!

Elder Dahl

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