Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Crazies in City Heights

This week was just filled with crazy people, which led to some
fantastic memories. I hope I can do them justice.

First, we visited this less active man named Jose. Jose is crazy. The
whole atmosphere of the lesson just made us laugh hysterically. He is
an older, Mexican man who is married to a Cambodian Buddhist. His
house was filled with statues of Buddha, elephants, and paintings that
he made of his wife in very little clothing. As we begin to sit down,
we see some steel drums, so naturally we ask him if he played. We then
had the pleasure of listening to him for the next two minutes play us
a song called "Alabanzas a Dios," which we believe was an original.
Then we taught the Restoration, got some free mangos, and left. Bless
his heart.

Second, as we were getting into our car after visiting with a member,
a man approached us and asked who we were. We explained that we were
missionaries, and then he continued to tell us about how he had
received intimate training from Christ himself for three months as a
result of a snake demon entering his room one night. He then put his
hand up in the air and said he was going to make all the trees shake
violently! Then when nothing happened he was just like, "Now is not
the time." And that was basically the end of our conversation.

Third, we talked to a lady that believed at cancer, death, and old age
were all man-made. It is all made possible by newscasters that want
stuff to report about. City Heights for the win. :)

That's the end of the craziness. This week we had exchanges and Elder
Laws came to Elder Siebers and me in City Heights. We had a blast, and
it was super fun to be with Elder Laws again. We also got free
Colombian food because the server said at no missionaries should ever
have to pay. Life=Made.

I will send lots of pickles to make up for the lack of info this
week.....oops I meant to say pictures!

Elder Dahl

1. This is Elder Siebers' street contacting face!
2. We were given free Colombian food on exchanges! Tender mercies.
4. We love mango smoothies!!!

1. We sure do love ice cream!
2. Elder Taunauta is going to be a model.
3. Did I tell you the story about how we sent off a Swahili/French
referral for this family of ten that just moved here from the Congo a
few months ago? Google translate for the win.
4. Selfies at baptisms! We all took investigators to a baptismal
service that may or may have not been recorded by the missionary

1 & 2. The Mexiqueen strikes again with cookies and cream cupcakes and
3. I think this picture just describes the past month for me.
4. Elder Siebers' first time having mole (pronounced mow-leh)!

1-4. We had fun at the science museum last week! Here is us going
brought some tunnels of light, and one of e tunnels was made up of
hundreds of roles of tape! At' not cool at all, but it was he most fun
thing there :)

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