Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Goodbye San Diego

Well here it is folks- the last letter from me as a full time
missionary. How did that happen!? It has been the craziest two years
of my life, and I have loved every minute of it. God allows us to grow
through the good AND the bad times, and I'm so grateful for the
journey that I have had here in San Diego.

This week was a great week! We found some cool people, talked to some
crazy people, and got yelled at by some people. All in a normal week
here in City Heights. On Sunday we went to he Mission President's
Devotional, which is a cool devotional that the mission presidency
puts on once a month, and this one featured Alex Boye! I went to
another one of his devotionals at the beginning of my mission, so it
was fun to come full circle and go to another one. Socorro Maldonado
and her husband came, which was awesome. Jesus came to church again,
and hopefully Socorro will be able to change her job soon so she can

Other than that, not too much happened. Today for my last preparation
day we went back to Embarcadero Park and played flickerball and
basketball. Driving through Downtown San Diego for my last time was a
surreal experience, and I am going to miss this beautiful city so
much. And the PEOPLE!!! The people here are unlike any other. Well I
guess I'm biased because San Diego is the closest thing to heaven on
earth (apart from 9829 Sanford Rd. Lodi, OH), but I will definitely
miss this place. Luckily if there is anything I've learned on my
mission it's that God is in control and is watching over EVERY SINGLE
ONE of His children. He has a plan, and it's so much better than our

Well I had hopes and dreams of making this last email super epic, but
it's time to go back to work for my last week. Thank you for all of
your prayers and the love that you have all been sending my way. I
know God lives. I testify that Jesus is the Christ and that the Book
of Mormon is true. The Restoration happened, and the Church that Jesus
Christ established has been restored to the earth again. How blessed
we are to be a part of it. I love you all, and I'll see you soon.

Elder Dahl

1. Amen City Heights!
2. Look who I saw at the Mission President's Devotional with Alex
Boye! This is the Ortiz family! I ate my first meal in the mission
with them way back in Sweetwater! Bless their hearts.
3. Elder Taunauta can spot papaya trees from a mile away :) He is also
a great tour guide!

1. Here is too much fun in this companionship
2. Look at my new friend!

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