Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Service, Service, Service

This week was so much fun! Yadira, the awesome lady who was baptized
in early April, is redoing her back house, and we got to help tear up
the old flooring, paint the walls, and then fill a dump truck full of
trash this past week! We had too much fun! She also fed us a ton this
week for all of the work we did, so that was awesome. No better way to
end some service than Mexican food.

Another awesome note from this last week was that we received a visit
from Elder James J. Hamula of the Seventy! Two apostles and a Seventy
within three weeks!? We are too spoiled. His visit was amazing and he
talked about a lot of different topics. My favorite part I think was
when he explained the Doctrine of You. He talked about who we really
are, and our relationship with God. It was really inspiring! He also
at one point told a story about a Tongan in his mission, so Elder
Taunauta got a cool shout out.

Ruben and Blanca were sick on Sunday, but everything is good for them!
Pray that they will receive an answer to get married and baptized on
June 25.

We are teaching some really cool people right now! We met this lady
named Angelica on the street two weeks ago, and she is soaking up the
gospel like a sponge. Her only problem is that she works on Sunday,
but she is figuring it out so she can come to church. We are also
teaching Yadira's son, Jaime, is super awesome. He really wants to
know if this message is true, and he is just an awesome guy in
general. The Lord is really blessing our area right now!

My little sister just informed me that I have less than 50 days left!
What the what! It is going by way too fast. One more week until the
last transfer!

Elder Dahl

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